Sufyan At-thawri رحمه الله

Imam Sufyan At-Thawri (rahimahullah) used to have a grave next to his house! Do you know why?
From time to time, he used to lie down in it on his right side, his face facing its wall, imagining that he is dead and that he will never return to life again. He , the righteous Imam, was there in the grave pretending to be dead, imagining that he will never be able to go back to repent to Allah, to erase his sins with good deeds, to ask Allah for forgiveness, etc… At that point, he used to start to scream out loud in that narrow hole (with an Ayah from Qur’an): “My Lord, send me back that I might do righteousness in that which I left behind.”
( that verse of Qur’an is actually what the wrongdoers will say to Allah when they will see that hell is Haq (true) and punishment is Haq, all of them will wish to come back to life again to correct their selves and be righteous servants)
After that, Imam At-Thawri used to stand up on his feet, get out of that grave as if he came back to life again, and tell himself :”here you are back to life again, so show us what you are going to do, accomplish what you promised!”
end of story
Ya Allah! how righteous people in the past used to find ways to remind their selves with the temporariness of this Dunya and that their departure from this world is imminent.
Have we ever thought that this day or this hour or this minute is our final one in this life and that we should correct ourselves to not regret our bad deeds after death?! We are living in this Dunya as if it is our permanent home, neglectful, unmindful of death and Akhirah!! Maybe everyone of us should have a grave like that to lie down in it from time to time and to remind ourselves with what is waiting for us!
ya Allah don’t let us among the neglectful servant and guide us to YOU and to what please YOU,


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