Thanks :)

And I say: thanks to the one who wrote these words…

Thanks to those who go to hotels around the world and do not write about their presence in them.

Thanks to those who travel for tourism around the world and do not write that they’re in such-and-such airport or such-and-such country, considering the feelings and conditions of their friends.

Thanks to those who love their wives and show affection to them daily without notifying everyone they know on social media that they love their spouses.

Thanks to those who cook dinner for their relatives and invite them with the intention to maintain close ties, and not to boast about the meal, dining table, and house, and document it through photos.

Thanks to those who have met a shaykh or scholar who made a mistake and gave him sincere advice and reproached him gently without spreading the news on their social media page of the fault of the shaykh or scholar.

Thanks to those who eat more in restaurants than their own homes and do not photograph their meals to spread over the internet to make it appear as if they’re a millionaire.

Thanks to those who take part in helping the poor and those in dire need daily without photographing them and documenting their charity with photos.

Thanks to the young woman whose fiancé gifts her with something and she does not spread the news or boast about it in front of her friends out of respect for their feelings and conditions.

Thanks to the rich, young woman who does not boast about the brand of her dress nor diminish the value of the outfits of her friends even if it is by the way she looks at it.

Thanks to the believing Muslim who worships Allah and supplicates to Him secretly on his prayer mat more than he does so on social media.

Thanks to those who live with the details of their lives through happiness and enjoyment secretly without concerning themselves too much with sharing those details with us.


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